You can a pdf document giving an overview of the package and including a variety of screen captures. This document is reproduced below.

Future Indicative – a new computer program from Worsfold Software Ltd

This is a very brief overview of the package.


This package, which was announced late last year, will be released in early February 2009. 

The major features of the package are :

  • It is written in Microsoft’s VB2008, and is intended for the PC Platform, but will work perfectly well in the Mac environment under a PC emulation. Many schools are already operating Worsfold Software’s other packages (Community Education, Star Course Management and Gateway Management in this way.

  • The package is designed to be networked.

  • The package interfaces with the MUSAC School Management System, and with Kamar for the purpose of importing relevant student information.

The package maintains a database of your students and provides screen for entering information relating to :

Their Interests from years 7 – 13                               Their Skills from years 7 – 13
Their Favourite subjects years 7 – 13                       Their Best Subjects from years 7 – 13
Their Values  from years 7 – 13                                  Their Qualities and Strengths from years 7 – 13
Their Ideas and Thoughts from years 7 – 13

These are entered in most cases via popup selections from categorised user-defined lists, which makes the subsequent search utility very efficient.

Other pages are :

  • Subjects, year by year, possible and actual.

  • Pathways – listing Star, Gateway and Other Work Experiences gained, including Unit Standards and other assessments – imported directly from Worsfold’s software where available.

  • NZQA Standards – a list of standards gained by the student.

  • Events – a list of Careers oriented events attended

  • Appointments – details of all appointments with the schools careers advisor(s).

  • General Notes, Sensitive Notes

  • Caregiver information, including room for caregiver comments

  • Destination information

In addition, session notes may be recorded and printed, stored and/or emailed to the student.


The package maintains a comprehensive appointment schedule for careers advisors, daily, weekly and monthly, keeping a recod of tasks to be performed prior to appointments, appointment details, and followup tasks. An alarm system alerts you to incomplete tasks.


The package provides links to a number of important websites (chief of which is the career Services site) and allows you to set up links to other sites under Industry Group headings and Provider headings.

You can add your own section categories, subcategories and web site links. A special feature is the ability to email your own links to Worsfold Software, where a library of links will be accumulated, which can then be redistributed to schools.


This section allows you to specify certain school-specific features of the package


This section allows you to print certain documents, lists and analyses relating to students and their career pathways.


You can transfer students backwards and forwards between the main database and year specific archives.
You can manage bulk emails to students, year level by year level.


This powerful feature enables you to instantly find e.g. all year 13 students who, when in years 11 or 12, expressed an interest in Nursing.

Student Module

A student module will be available very shortly (i.e. February)  which will allow students who have been provided with their own entry code and password to access :

  • Their own information, which they may view and/or edit, depending on settings made in the main packages Configuration.

  • The Web Links utility – again, depending on configured settings.

This is a first release of the package.  There is a number of further features which will be added in the near future and, without doubt, schools will have a wide range of further requests, once the package in their hands.  Worsfold Software welcomes this collaborative approach. It has worked very well with our other packages.

A demonstration version of the package may be downloaded (9.6 MB) from here.

You can get an order form here.

You can download the package manual here

For further information :

Email :

Phone : 03 448 9049

Ordering information :

Either post information to :

Worsfold Software Ltd
448. Letts Gully Road
RD 3
Central Otago 9393

(Please note that orders received by mail between 24th April and 13th June will not be processed until after that period)

Or email or phone the information through.

The cost of the package is $475.00 + GST and there is an annual license fee for 2014 of $197.90 + GST (which covers the cost of phone and email support and further development.






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